JI_KRP2_smThe Kiawah River Plantation (KRP) developers are seeking a permit to fill some wetlands and salt marsh areas to expand access roads.   (For more information about this project and its impact on Johns Island, read our earlier post.)   The SC Department of Health and Environmental Protection (DHEC) will holding a hearing on Tuesday Evening, September 24 at 6 PM at the Kiawah Town Hall, 21 Beachwalker Drive. (The project is named “Kiawah River Plantation”, but it is on Johns Island along River Rd and Betsy Kerrison Pkwy.   Only the hearing is on Kiawah Island. )   Most of the fresh water wetlands in Kiawah River Plantation were originally part of the salt water marsh and known as Mullet Hall Creek. These impoundments were built in the 1940’s by the Limehouse family for agricultural purposes.

KRP Wetlands

Today’s environmental regulations would not allow these salt marsh areas to be filled in or converted to fresh water wetlands and ponds. These historical facts and the importance of salt marshes are additional reasons why a public hearing is warranted. For more information see the book The World of the Salt Marsh by Charles Seabrook and our book review.   If you are concerned about this project we urge you to attend the hearing at learn more about this project and its affect on the salt water marsh and fresh water wetlands.