Conservation is an important issue for many residents of Johns Island, for visitors who come here, and for those who pass through to neighboring islands. At Johns Island Conservancy our goal is to provide information, knowledge and understanding of the natural ecosystem, history and agricultural resources on Johns Island through projects covering the specific conditions and issues affecting the island. Our projects will include:


  • Research.
  • Community presentations and lectures.
  • Publications.
  • Films and documentaries.
  • Educational materials.
  • Social media.
  • Consultation and planning with property owners and businesses

The objective is to make conservation a priority for the island’s inhabitants and visitors. At the same time we know development is inevitable. Through an understanding of both ecological concerns and economic issues we hope that the natural environment, wildlife, historical sites and farms  can be maintained and thrive while the island continues to grow.


The Conservancy will focus on using technology to develop and implement our projects. Social media, networking and multiple media are fixtures in the daily routine of most Americans. We have the technology to communicate through numerous means and continually stay in touch with others. Modern media is used not only to socialize but also to educate as well. We use social media to keep ourselves informed on the important issues of the times. We will make extensive use of the internet and visual media as well as traditional “on the ground” research, publishing  and live presentations.


Current Projects


Johns Island Now

An introduction to Johns Island, its history and the development issues the Island  faces.   Slide show  and lecture.

The Dolphin Files

The Kiawah River dolphins who live between Johns Island, Kiawah and Seabrook are well know and unique for their strand feeding behaviors.    Slide show, lecture, film and publication

Johns Island Schoolhouse Museum  

The  Johns Island Museum was established in 2000 in the old 1870 Walnut Hill schoolhouse.   Research and volunteer work project.