The Dolphin in the Mirror: Exploring Dolphin Minds and Saving Dolphin Lives   $11.17 (2012) By Dr. Diane Reiss

Dolphin in the Mirror describes some of the latest research into dolphin intelligence and awareness.   The seemingly simple, even trivial “trick”, of placing a mirror in front of a subject; a dog, a chimp a dolphin or a human baby can reveal a lot about their thought processes and self-awareness.   Dr. Reiss performs these experiments in a controlled environment with many interesting variations that reveal many things about the dolphin mind.   Many of these most recent experiments were performed at the Baltimore Aquarium   The book is also a memoir documenting Dr. Reiss’s journey through dolphin research and her relationships with many of these unique creatures.   Always struggling to retain scientific objectivity, her experience shows how it is virtually impossible to remain unaffected by them.   The book also includes links to fascinating online video of some of Dr. Reiss’s experiments.