The Johns Island Conservancy
has been dissolved as of 2018

This website is still available as an historical reference but is NOT being updated.
Some links (with red lines through them) are no longer active as they are out of date or reference pages that have been deleted.

Growing a New Johns Island


  • Will Johns Island be able to maintain its traditional character while allowing reasonable development?
  • Why has the Island always been a desirable place to live?
  • What are the things that make this such a special place?
  • How can we make these things economically sustainable?
  • Who are the people who know how to do this?

See our full report, “Growing a New Johns Island“, including interviews with some of those who have worked tirelessly to make a new Johns Island work.


Chicks Fly the Coop !

Right on schedule the Osprey chicks at Legare farms have started flying.   While they are not yet ready to hunt on their own they are making longer and longer excursions away from the nest.

See our full post for more information and pictures.


More Flying Critters

Frostbite Falls MN, and Richmond, VA, have nothing on Johns Island. Check out our own flying squirrels here …