The Johns Island Now project is an introduction to Johns Island history, its recent growth and the development and conservation issues we now face.   While the project is ongoing, we have completed a basic multimedia presentation which is available for community groups, schools and anyone else who is interested.   Johns Island has been inhabited by man for at least 6,000 years and by a large variety of wildlife for even longer.   Europeans settlers and their enslaved African workers arrived more than 300 years ago.   From that colonial period until today Johns Island has been an agricultural community.   During both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War Johns Island was also a battleground fought over for its resources and as a gateway to Charleston.   More recently the Island has experienced a significant population growth as a suburb of Charleston.   Development is now the major issue for the conservation of Johns Island’s natural habitat, farms and historical sites and traditions.   If you would like to have us give this presentation to your organization or group please enter a comment below or Contact Us