Kestrel Chick – Click to enlarge

Took a trip up to The Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw about 20 minutes north of Charleston.   Great facility and great show.   An excellent example of a conservation organization that does good and generates revenue as a visitor attraction while educating the public.   If you haven’t been, take the trip up there especially if you have guests in town looking for something to do.


At left is a kestrel chick bred at the Center. At right below is a Prairie falcon / Gyrfalcon (arctic falcon) hybrid popular with some falconers for hunting.   Falconers in the US are regulated and require extensive training and licensing before they are allowed to keep birds.   This falcon is “hooding” its “catch” to prevent other birds from seeing and stealing its meal.   This is a natural instinctive behavior.



Prairie Falcon/Gyrfalcon hybrid
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The Center also has a medical facility for injured birds and rescues birds of prey.   If you see an injured bird of prey (eagle, osprey, hawk, owl) in the wild, call the Center for assistance.


Thanks to Steve, Monty and Audrey for the flight demonstrations and presentations.   Also thanks to Exec Director Jim Elliot for advice on our Johns Island osprey platform project.