Burden Creek goat cheescake at Oak
One reveiwer’s “best of” Charleston

Johns Island is gaining a reputation as part of  Charleston’s “buy local” movement for produce and farm products.   One niche where the Island excels is our two goat dairy farms.   A recent article in the City Paper’s September “Dirt” edition highlights these two producers, Burden Creek Dairy and Jeremiah Farms.

As the article implies and our experience confirms, Kip Valentine of Burden Creek Dairy is outspoken.   And he has a right to be.   He knows his goats and Johns Island.   He brings the same passion to his cheese making.    His success at local restaurants and specialty stores is proof that his uncompromising attitude  works for goat farming.

Casey Price at Jeremiah Farms is more laid back but no less dedicated to her mission.   Where Kip focuses on cheese and production, Casey is committed to the benefits of raw goat’s milk and educating consumers.   Both farmers also see a future for goat meat on the menu.   Our own experience abroad and with a Caribbean friend from New York confirms that goat would be a tasty addition to a creative chef’s repertoire.   Indeed Charleston’s ever popular Hominy Grill is hoasting a “Goatober” dinner this month.